Delivering Proof not Promises

Modernizing Crew Transportation

Efficiently managing ground transportation requires technology. It's no longer a choice. To stay competitive you need to manage your business with data. Our suite of applications combines the power of big business technology with the elegant user experience of a start-up. SkyHop Technologies is fundamentally redesigning how the industry connects, learns, and performs.

“… SkyHop is first rate. I've had to wait very little if at all for any of my recent trips to/from airport and hotel. Now they have an app that is "Über-ish", where you can hail or call the driver, call the dispatcher, check pick up time, and more. I would venture to say this small company's technology surpasses all others.”

- Delta Pilot

Ground Transportation:
An Industry in Need of Change

History shows that companies must stay current to survive. Great brands like Blockbuster, Polaroid, Texaco and Pan Am no longer exist because they did not see the signs of industry change. SkyHop Technologies offers ground transportation operators the ability to nimbly adapt to industry shifts.


Technology saves money for both airline and ground transportation companies.


Monitor, track, and report accurate service level performance.


Communication with Crew is easy, elegant, and rewarding.

The New Essentials for
Transportation Management

Take your business to the next level. Increase your efficiency, decrease operations costs and improve airline satisfaction.


Monitor key performance metrics

Cloud-based software application is the main hub for dispatch operations, business management and data analysis. Business benefits include enhanced cost planning, profitability analysis, and service delivery tracking.

  • Optimize and speed up schedule management
  • See real-time fleet location and status
  • Communicate with your team
  • Track performance and deliver proof, not promises

Driver Application

Track on-time performance for data-driven proof of service quality

Phone/Tablet application for iOS and Android increases driver performance and improves business management. Promotes accountability and increases efficiency

  • Open up lines of communication with dispatch and crew.
  • Manage your availability.
  • Coordinate pickups with entire team.
  • Easily managed delayed flights.

Crew Application

Keep crews informed and connected

Phone/Tablet application for iOS and Android connects airline crew with partner driver through vehicle location and pickup schedule information.

  • Know exactly who your driver is and when they will arrive.
  • Contact driver and dispatch via text or call.
  • Plan ahead by looking up your next pickup.
  • Provide Instant feedback.

“Everything I need - flight information, pick up schedule, chat with crew - all at the touch of my finger. I have happier crew and bigger tips, who could ask for more?”

- Station Manager

The SkyHop Technologies Difference

Solutions Built For Transformation

Solving issues around schedule transfers, IROP management, invoicing and performance monitoring, SkyHop Technologies solves end-to-end industry challenges. Back-end integration, custom reporting and aggregate data insights incorporate unparalleled access and analyses into your crew management operations.

This suite of applications inherits SkyHop’s proven performance technology to power your business with less stress and more profit. Find out how you can deliver Proof Not Promises.

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